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EnerLogic window film is the perfect solution for Kansas City residents looking to lower energy costs. EnerLogic uses low-E technology to regulate the amount of solar heat transfer through your glass. It also traps beneficial radiant heat during the winter and rejects unwanted solar heat during the summer–which means it saves money all year long.

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The Benefits Of Enerlogic

Why EnerLogic? Simply put, EnerLogic outperforms nearly every other energy saving window film. With Enerlogic you can experience the benefits of window film round.

EnerLogic delivers amazing results like:
15-30% savings in heating costs
10-20% savings in cooling expenses
Extended HVAC life
Preservation of outdoor views and clarity

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Enerlogic Is Ideal for Dual Climate Regions

EnerLogic films are ideal for regions like Kansas City with four seasons. Some window films work to reject solar heat year round, which can be problematic for areas that experience cold winters. These more traditional window films end up raising energy costs during the winter because of their near constant heat rejection. EnerLogic, on the other hand, has a low-E coating which is designed to balance interior temperatures, making it energy efficient through all four seasons.

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Experience a Full ROI in 3 Years or Less With Enerlogic

Unlike triple or double pane windows, which can mean a large upfront investment, EnerLogic is a smaller investment that makes sense. It is a fraction of the cost of window replacement and offers three times more savings than most other films. In fact, businesses and homes alike can expect to see a full ROI in as little as 3 years or less!

EnerLogic Installation in Kansas City

GreenLight Window Films is the area’s best source for EnerLogic window film and installation. Contact us today for a free consultation and to get a quote for your project!

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