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Over the past 50+ years, Llumar has established a reputation for the reliability and the quality of their window films. Llumar offers diverse and extensive window film product lines that will fit nearly any need you may have. That means you get the freedom to choose and customize your experience. Llumar films are perfect for commercial and residential applications to improve comfort, lower energy costs, enhance aesthetics, and increase security.


Llumar for Architects & Designers

Llumar window film enables architects and designers to fully explore and utilize their creativity. With Llumar film, you can both control the amount of light entering your building while still customize the aesthetics.
Llumar window film:
Prevents sun damage to interiors
Enhances tenant privacy and comfort
Lowers building energy costs
Adds color and style to architecture


Llumar for Business Owners & Managers

Llumar window film allows business owners and managers to save money and while creating a more pleasant indoor environment. The investment has a rapid ROI and meets a wide range of business needs.


Llumar Window Film:

Saves up to 15% on annual energy costs
Improves employee comfort and productivity
Protects your business from break-ins and natural disasters
Enhances the look of your walls and windows

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