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Vista Window Film Offers Kansas City Amazing Benefits

As one of the best commercial window films on the market today, Vista films has unbeatable benefits for homes and businesses alike. This film is unmatched in both appearance and performance. In fact, Vista window films are the preferred product of choice for interior designers and energy efficiency consultants. With benefits like UV protection, reduced energy costs, increased HVAC efficiency, and high-level safety, it is easy to see why Vista is one of the leading window film brands on today’s market.


Why choose Vista?

The benefits of having Vista window film applied to your home or commercial investment property’s windows are numerous and nothing short of amazing.


Benefits Like:

UV protection: Vista blocks out 99.9% of UV rays that cause fading of furnishings and cancer.

Energy savings: Vista rejects up to 75% of solar heat gain and will reduce energy costs by nearly 15% annually

Security: Vista security window films mitigate damage caused by broken glass and deter thieves

Sustainability: Vista window film could earn up to 9 points in LEED certification and/or qualify you for green tax credits


An Alternative to Window Replacement

Total window replacement is incredibly expensive. Luckily for you, Vista window film costs one-fifth of the cost of window replacement. Also, its delivery of up to seven times the energy efficiency per $1 invested. Vista Window Film is the smart choice for those looking for a fast, high ROI through their window film investment.

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