Window Tinting in the Chicago Area

The city of Chicago is one of the biggest in the US and one of the original. Established in 1833 “The Windy City” has grown into a center for world commerce. With nearly 3 million people and hundreds of thousands of businesses–the need for window film solutions is very real. As the Chicago area’s most trusted window film contractor–we know this first hand. The need for window tinting and films stem from things like intense summer and winter weather, high rates of crime and vandalism, and myriads of big and small business spaces. And there is no one more familiar with the film solutions that will help residential and commercial Chicago space. From homes in neighborhoods of Englewood and Lake View to hotels and boutiques in Wicker Park–we carry surface and film solutions for them all. GreenLight Window Films is honored to be Chicago’s trusted window film contractor.

Residential Window Tinting in Chicago


Chicago weather is extreme in summer and winter taking a toll on your home. Frigid winters and sweltering summers mean incredibly high heating and cooling costs. At the same time, glare and poorly insulated windows make your home uncomfortable, hot, and/or cold. Your comfort and wallet don’t need to suffer from the woes caused by Chicago weather. Window film and tint will slash utility spending while at the same time protecting your family and interiors from harmful UV rays. Here at GreenLight Window Films are the company of choice for the supply and installation of window films from solar control window film to glare-reducing and more. Whether you live in Humboldt Park, South Side or all the way out in Oak Park–we are available to service any home in the entire metro area. As Chicago’s trusted window film company, we have the residential solutions that you’re looking for.

Commercial Window Tinting in Chicago


Running a small or large business is tough–especially in a metropolis the size of Chicago. You have to watch every penny.  As it were, commercial spaces need a lot of heat during the chilly Chicago winters and a ton of A/C in our humid summers and where window tints really help businesses succeed. From blocking solar heat gain to insulating glass and branding storefront windows and protecting gallery treasures from sun damage–window film does it all. Furthermore, safety and security films allow business owners to take control of the safety of their space–protecting from everything from bullets to break-ins. Here at GreenLight Window Films carries a wide selection of solar control, decorative, surface, and security film–with many lines specialized for commercial use. We are also the installation experts you need to get a seamless, durable installation that will look stellar for years to come.

Window Film Benefits for Chicago

Increase Safety in Your Chicago Home or Office

Enhance or add to your security efforts in your Chicago residential or commercial property with safety and security window film. These powerful films protect against everything from natural disasters, explosions, attacks, burglaries, and slip and fall accidents. Security film helps prevent damage from broken glass and flying debris hazards because it keeps glass adhered to film. 


Energy Efficient Window Film for Chicago

Energy-efficient window film makes Chicago homes and businesses colder and heat-proof saving a significant amount of money on annual energy costs. It also eliminates hot/cold spots and improves comfortability. Since 30% of heating and cooling efforts escape through windows a window film that insulates will dramatically lower energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth
Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth

Chicago Privacy and Decorative Window Film

Privacy and decorative films come in endless colors, designs, and textures–perfect for so many commercial and residential applications. Put it on the glass of your home’s kitchen cabinets or a glassed-in conference room in your Chicago office. Since these films are highly customizable they allow for everything from light control to branding.

Dallas Custom Decorative Window Film
Custom Decorative Window Film in Fort Worth Commercial Space

Chicago Fade Protection Window Film

Window film is a great way to protect the property in your Chicago space from fading.  These types of films work by blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays but still lets in lovely filtered light. This keeps the valuables in your home or office from being destroyed by the sun: floors, furniture, art, and fabric. 

fort worth uv blocking window film
UV Damage on Fort Worth Flooring

Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Chicago Schools & Buildings

Fighting off vandalism is a never-ending battle, and a costly one at that! Try as you might, it’s hard to stop vandals with surveillance equipment alone. More often than not, these additional expenses just become one more burden that property owners are left to deal with. And in the end, they end up spending tons of money to have the damage professionally removed. That’s why the best way to deal with vandalism is to stop it from happening in the first place. Anti-graffiti window films provide Chicago property owners with a powerful solution for fighting back against vandalism and avoiding financially cumbersome repairs. Simply install the film on the areas that are the highest risk and get round the clock protection that defends against pen markings, spray paint, scratching, and more.

anti graffiti film chicago

Window Film Applications for Chicago

Residential Window Tinting Chicago

Make your house in Chicago feel a little more like home with residential window tinting. Residential window films offer Chicago homeowners a comprehensive solution for improving the way their windows look and function. Benefits like added security, privacy, and energy efficiency can be experienced throughout the entire home and lead to a better quality of life. Imagine being able to work in your home office without being interrupted by glare, going on vacation and not having to fret about someone breaking into your home, or seeing an energy bill that’s half of what it is usually. All of this is and more is possible with window film!

residential window film chicago

Office Window Tinting Chicago

Managing a busy office in Chicago is no easy task. Not only do you have to worry about high energy costs created by the lake effect, but you also have to be on guard when it comes to matters like security, vandalism, and increasing competition for business. Our office window films provide Chicago businesses with an all-in-one solution for addressing pressing architectural concerns. Add beautiful branding and privacy to your interior, heighten your security measures, improve energy efficiency, and more!

office window film chicago

Chicago Retail Window Film

In the retail industry, window film is a beneficial investment for many reasons. Chicago businesses can use flashy decorative films to get the attention of consumers passing by on the street and entice them to walk through their doors. Then, once they enter, stylish privacy films and promotional films can add beauty that enhances the browsing experience and leads to an increase in transaction numbers. Not only this, but window tinting provides security and uv protection for vulnerable storefronts, safeguarding valuable items and physical property. From boutiques on Michigan Ave to department stores, malls, grocery stores, and more, retail businesses of all types benefit from window film.

retail window film chicago

Chicago Hotel & Restaurant Window Film

The hospitality industry is full of opportunities for window tinting. Hotels and restaurants with window film immediately set themselves apart because of the fantastic guest experience they provide. Visitors are more comfortable, relaxed, and have a good time when they’re not distracted by glare or the weather. And it’s remarkable the difference a few decorative window films can make in terms of establishing the right aesthetic! From security to energy efficiency, window film benefits Chicago businesses in more ways than one!

restaurant window film chicago

Window Film for Chicago Schools, Colleges & Universities

Chicago is home to some of the nation’s top schools. Preserving the safety and integrity of these spaces is critical so that students and teachers can be successful. By upgrading Chicago schools with window film, campuses can become more secure, energy efficient, and primed for the future. Window film is a low-cost investment that won’t do damage to a school’s budget, but will protect it from serious threats like rising energy expenses, break-ins, and vandalism. Browse our selection of school window films today to find out what opportunities are available for your campus!

school window film chicago
If you live in Chicago and are interested in window film or tint products for your home or business, reach out to GreenLight Window Films today for a free consultation!
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