Window Tinting in the Colorado Springs Area

Home to the famous Garden of the Gods as well as Pikes Peak, ample hiking, and scenic views, Colorado Springs is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Colorado. While the scenery in this mountainous area may be beautiful to enjoy, oftentimes the weather is not. Colorado Springs experiences frequent hailstorms and heavy snowfall, and residents here are more susceptible to getting skin or eye disease due to the high altitude UV exposure. At GreenLight Window Films, we have a solution that can help Colorado Springs families and business stay protected from the threats of mountain weather and save money on energy costs. Our high performance residential and commercial window films are just the thing Colorado Springs residents need for solar, UV, and natural disaster protection.

Residential Window Tinting in Colorado Springs


GreenLight Window Films is proud to carry the largest selection of residential window film in the Colorado Springs metro area. We always have a wide selection of security, climate control, and decorative films in stock and even offer the option of custom manufacture film. With window tinting for your Colorado Springs home, you can protect your furniture from fading, keep your family safe, and save up to 30% annually on utility costs.  No matter where you live in Colorado Springs from Briargate to Broadmoor you will find a window film that makes your home function better and saves you money in various ways year-round.

Commercial Window Tinting in Colorado Springs

colorado springs window tinting

From shatterproof security to eye-catching aesthetics and branding elements, our commercial window films offer Colorado Springs businesses many enjoyable benefits. By having your office windows tinted, you can save tons of money on summer cooling costs, keep your employees comfortable during the winter, and increase office productivity. Not to mention, schools, hotels, restaurants, and government buildings in Colorado Springs benefit from window film’s energy saving and security benefits. For an all around solution for your business needs, choose commercial window tint!

The Window Film Process For Colorado Springs Homes

Window film is, of course, a very cost-effective, home or commercial improvement.  But, just because it packs a lot of bang for your buck, doesn’t mean it has to be a complicated process.  Read below to find out the next steps in your window film journey and just how simple the next steps can be.

 Your Free Window Film Consultation

It takes an expert to make your window film experience a positive and profitable one and it all starts with the initial consultation.  When contractors listen to you, instead of trying to sell you something, you get the results you need to make your life better. At our consultations here at Greenlight Window Film in Colorado Springs, we will listen carefully to your problems and ask questions to be sure we fully understand your property’s unique set of problems.  We will also sort through the hundreds of window film options and come up with the best solution to meet your needs. Often this involves testing the existing glass for levels of heat/ light penetration, UV etc. Finally, we will fully explain why we chose the particular film selected and how this will solve your problem.

Convenient Job Scheduling

Once you have selected the film that best fits your Colorado Springs home or commercial project, and you have signed off on the clear, concise and honest pricing on your job, your new project manager will schedule a day and time, that works for you, to start and end your job.  Happily, window tinting jobs will be done in a day, sometimes even in a matter of hours. Some jobs could take longer if the scope of your project is very large, you need high-end security framing, or you own a commercial building in need of extensive exterior window refinishing, however, don’t worry,  if this is the case, your project manager will let you know how much additional time to plan for before the job begins.

Same Day Installation

First we carefully clean and prepare your glass.  Next, we apply the film and/or any adhesives and trim it to size.  Lastly, we use a special squeegee to make sure the film sits perfectly flush with your windows and squeeze out any unsightly air bubbles. Since window tinting jobs are done same day, there is little to no intrusion.  Also, our professional window tint installers are clean and courteous.  When they finish, there will be no sign they were there, except the nearly invisible new tint on your windows. Immediately after installation you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous Colorado Springs scenery free of heat, glare and prying eyes.

SolarZone Energy Efficiency Films presented by Green Light Window Films Colorado Springs.

Decorative and Privacy Films presented by Green Light Window Films Colorado Springs.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film presented by Green Light Window Films Colorado Springs.

LLumar Residential Testimonial presented by Green Light Window Films Colorado Springs.

Window Film Solutions for Colorado Springs Properties

UV Blocking Window Film

Protect your Colorado Springs property, valuables, and building occupants with window film’s exclusive UV blocking properties. Prevent fade, discoloration, and health concerns tied to overexposure of harmful UV rays.

uv blocking window film fade protection colorado springs

Safety and Security Window Film

Defend against the unforeseen with security film. Colorado Springs homes and businesses can safeguard against natural disasters, explosions, attacks, burglaries, and freak accidents. Lowered aftermath cleanup time means relatively no downtime for your residence or business.

colorado springs safety and security window film

Energy Efficient Window Film

Energy efficient window film can save Colorado Springs homeowners and business owners up to 30% on their annual energy costs. By eliminating hot/cold spots and improving internal temperature consistency, you can increase tenant retention, heighten comfortability, and lower energy usage.

colorado springs energy efficient window film

Privacy and Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film offers Colorado Springs residents endless design options for both residential and commercial applications. Ranging from privacy solution for residential bathrooms and commercial conference rooms to brand visualization and unique pops of color, decorative film is highly customizable.

decorative privacy window film colorado springs

Window Film Applications for Colorado Springs

  • Residential

    Whether you own a historic bungalow in City Center or a ultra-modern loft downtown, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of residential window tinting for your Colorado Springs home. Installing window film for your home can make it more enjoyable and relaxing for your family, and save you money too. Window tint provides an easy way to eliminate excess heat and glare in your home.

  • Hotels & Motels

    Travelers visiting the Rocky Mountains have a plethora of lodging options to choose from in Colorado Springs. As a hotel owner, it’s crucial to be able to make your place stand out from the crowd, and also take care of your guests during their stay by ensuring their comfort and safety. Our window films can add stylish curb appeal to your hotel, create privacy, and optimize the temperature of your building to ensure the satisfaction of all your visitors.

  • Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

    At Green Light Window Films, we carry an extensive selection of commercial window films that are perfect for Colorado Springs restaurants, bars, and clubs. Add a splash of color to your bar counter and dining room with decorative film, keep your stainless steel appliances looking brand new with anti graffiti sacrificial film, or heighten your security with break-in prevention tint; we have dozens of options available for you to choose from!

  • Retail & Storefronts

    Running a successful retail business is all about attracting customers. Whether you manage a boutique clothing store in University Village or a grocery store or pharmacy in the suburbs of Manitou Springs or Falcon, our decorative window films provide the perfect solution for increasing your curb appeal and attracting new customers and also provide dual functionalities for added security and energy efficiency.

  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    Hospitals and doctors offices require huge amounts of energy to keep in operation. If you have single pane glass, chances are that you’re spending more on energy costs than necessary. Skip the pricey window replacements and retrofit your existing windows with our energy efficient window film to keep your patients comfortable and keep your windows looking clean and spotless.

  • Stadiums & Arenas

    Protecting public safety is a top priority during large gatherings like concerts and sports games. We offer a multitude of security window tinting options for Colorado Springs stadiums and arenas, from basic break-in protection films to advance bomb blast protection systems. Whether you’re looking for a security film for your high school sports stadium or your music venue or club downtown, we’ve got you covered.

  • Public & Government Buildings

    Experience a comprehensive solution to all your business needs with window tinting for your government office or building. Our window films are perfect for Colorado Springs courthouses, police stations, post offices, and more. If you’re looking for an energy efficient solution, you’ll be amazed by how much Daylight Redirecting Film can brighten the mood of your office employees and cut down on energy costs. And our security window systems can provide peace of mind for protecting sensitive files, equipment, and employees.

  • Mass Transit - Buses, Trains & Airports

    Impress the travelers boarding your train or bus right from the start by ensuring that your transit system is comfortable on the interior and graffiti free with window film. Our window films are an all in one solution for Colorado Springs public transit systems. Window film helps passengers stay comfortable by preventing transit cars and buildings from becoming too hot or cold and also protects their privacy and safety.

  • Schools & Universities

    Our window films offer many advantages for Colorado Springs public schools, charter schools, daycares, and colleges. Studies show that by increasing indoor brightness with window tinting, many classrooms are able to achieve higher test scores and stay more focused. Additionally, window tinting cuts down on expenses for schools by eliminating energy waste and also makes campuses safer for staff and students.

  • Convention Centers & Theaters

    Convention centers and theaters in Colorado Springs can benefit from window film in a variety of ways. Not only does window film provide a way to reduce the harsh brightness of the sun and get rid of glare, but it also can make your building safer by protecting against bird strikes, hail, and attempted break ins. From fun and colorful decorative prints to completely clear energy efficient films, convention centers have multiple options to choose from when it comes to window tinting.

  • Jails & Prisons

    Window film can be an extremely useful tool for a secure environment like a detention center. Jails, prisons, and detox centers in Colorado Springs can all benefit from the security advantages of installing a glass strengthening or impact resistant window film. Additionally, many security films also double as energy efficient or decorative prints, allowing building owners to solve multiple problems with one easy solution.

  • Museums, Galleries & Libraries

    Our stylish window films can take your Colorado Springs museum, gallery, or library to the next level by adding aesthetic appeal and utility. From decorative films that can be custom printed to create signage or logos to high grade security options that protect against theft and uv radiation, we offer a multitude of window tinting options for public buildings.

Which Window Film Product Is Right For Your Colorado Springs Neighborhood?

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Fade Prevention Window Film

In a neighborhoods like “The Broadmore”, with towering old homes and gorgeous vintage windows, you need a window film that can keep UV rays from deteriorating, wood flooring, upholstery, furnishing and artwork.  Window film stops 99.9% of the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your Broadmore neighborhood home’s most cherished (and valuable) belongings.  It also protects you and your family from illnesses linked to sun exposure like some forms of cancer and premature aging.

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san antonio energy efficient window film

Energy Efficient Window Film

In the neighborhood of Rockrimmonthe residents are known as progressives and as such, saving energy is done in practice not just theory.  For folks like this, not only is it about conserving the environment but, also about saving money–over 20% in fact. The benefits of energy efficient window film go beyond savings too: eliminating hot and cold spots, reducing glare and fade reduction to name a few.   But the best part of installing energy efficient window film is almost always watching your energy bills go down after you apply it to your home’s windows!  

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Safety And Security Window Film

Old Colorado City is a fairly safe neighborhood but just like in any big city, crime and break-ins happen here too.  While you can’t stop someone from attempting to break into your home, you can stop them from actually getting through your windows with security window film.  Since it takes a number of blows to fully penetrate a window with security film, burglars usually move on to easier targets. For more advanced protection, use security window film with specialty adhesives, like C-bond and window framing systems.

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Decorative Privacy Window Film

The truth of the matter is, in a city the size of Colorado Springs, privacy is a commodity.  When you live in close quarters like Downton North, creative and cost-effective ways to keep the prying eyes of your neighbors out of your home is a necessity.  Window film gives you the privacy you crave with as little or as much coverage as you need.   The great thing about using window film instead of curtains or blinds is–it does not block natural light.  Decorative window films can also be used on cabinets and for interior window embellishment too!

cbond-glass-strengthening-fort collins

C-Bond provides advanced glass primers that we like utilize for every Colorado Springs window film project. By increasing glass strength and flexibility, C-Bond ensures improved product life and quicker adhesion.

vista-window-film-colorado springs

Vista presents great window film products for homes and businesses throughout the Colorado Springs area. From home protection to business energy efficiency, Vista window films promote better living and workspaces.

huper-optik-window-film-colorado springs

Huper Optik’s window film series focuses on green solutions that help lower carbon emissions and energy costs. Huper Optik also has security film and decorative film lines from Colorado Springs properties.

3M-window-films-colorado springs

3M delivers innovative window tinting solutions that range from commercial daylight redirecting to residential safety and security. Colorado Springs properties can highly benefit from all the revolutionary window film options 3M has to provide.

madico-window-films salt lake city

Madico presents specialty architectural films for residences and office spaces throughout the Colorado Springs area. From anti-graffiti films to solar control, residents can utilize Madico window films to optimize comfort and savings.

solar-gard-window-film-colorado springs

Solar Gard delivers premium UV protection alongside solar control, perfect for Colorado Springs properties. With enhanced energy efficiency, Solar Gard is a great window film product for homes and businesses.

graffiti-shield-window-film-colorado springs

Graffiti Shield delivers specialty anti-graffiti films that can conceal vandalism, natural corrosion, and graffiti while durable enough to withstand acid and severe etching on Colorado Springs properties.

hd-clear-decorative-window-film-colorado springs

HDClear presents an abundance of decorative film options that can be utilized as visual marketing tools throughout the Colorado Springs area. HDClear also provides traditional privacy decorative film options for residential use.

vkool-window-film-colorado springs

V-Kool specializes in spectrally selective architectural films built for Colorado Springs residences and commercial spaces. For high energy savings, residents can utilize V-Kool for their property.

sun-tek-window-film-colorado springs

SunTek delivers premium solar control and security films for Colorado Springs homes and businesses. Experience savings, property protection, and glare reduction with SunTek window films.

llumar-window-film-colorado springs

Llumar focuses on providing aesthetically pleasing residential and commercial window film solutions for the Colorado Springs area. Start saving on expensive energy costs, improve comfort, and much more.

Neighborhoods and Regions We Serve

Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

GreenLight Window Films is pleased to serve all neighborhoods and surrounding areas in Colorado Springs including Black Forest, Briargate, Downtown Colorado Springs, East Colorado Springs, Falcon, Falcon North, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Marksheffel, Northeast Colorado Springs, Northgate Colorado Springs, Northwest Colorado Springs, Old Colorado City, Peyton, Powers, Southeast Colorado Springs, Southwest Colorado Springs, TriLakes/Monument, Ute Pass, West Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park. If you’re looking into a residential or commercial window film project that’s located in a neighborhood not listed, please contact us! We’d love to help you with your next window tinting project!

colorado springs home business window film contractor

Colorado Regions

GreenLight Window Films is proud to serve cities and regions throughout the state of Colorado, including Aurora, Berthoud, Boulder, Brighton, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, Erie, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Genessee, Greeley, Greenwood Village, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Ken Caryl, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton, Lone Tree, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Monument, Morrison, Northglenn, Parker, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Windsor, and more. If you have any questions regarding the Colorado regions we serve, please contact us!

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If you live in Colorado Springs and are interested in window film or tint products for your home or business, call GreenLight Window Films today for a free consultation at our Colorado Springs location (719) 480-8315

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