Window Tinting in the Dallas Area

Part of what makes Dallas a great city is its culture. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, a variety of shopping centers, and vast amount of international cuisine, Dallas is the city that offers something for everyone. While it’s certainly a great place to call home, there’s no denying the challenges that come with. Frequent robberies, violent crimes, property crime, vandalism, and even the brutal heat from the Texas sun and constant urban construction can your make day-to-day difficult for Dallas families and residents. Fortunately, we’re here to offer a solution. Our comprehensive collection of window films add privacy, security, and energy efficiency and make Dallas homes and business safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re you’d like to heighten the security of your high-rise building in Uptown or optimize your energy efficiency in your Preston Hollow mid-century home, Green Light Window Films’ got you covered.

GreenLight Window Films is Dallas’ trusted window film company.

Residential Window Tinting in Dallas


GreenLight Window Films is proud to provide high quality residential window tinting services to homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding area. We’ve installed window film in dozens of homes all throughout the Dallas metro area, including the outlying communities of McKinney, Plano, and Arlington. Our window films are great for new construction homes and remodels alike and are available in a large variety of energy saving, privacy, and decorative options. With just one simple installation, homeowners can save up to 30% annually on energy costs. As Dallas’ trusted window film contractor, we have the residential solutions you’re looking for.

Commercial Window Tinting in Dallas


If you’re looking for a window tinting contractor in the Dallas metro area that can help you with your hotel, restaurant, school, or office renovations, we can help. We’ve partnered with business owners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region on their commercial property renovations and are capable of handling projects of any size, big or small. Our experienced, local team of window film installers have the skill and support necessary to provide you with results that look beautiful and last. Dallas business owners can heighten their security and safety, privacy, energy efficiency, add decorative elements, and create promotional space, with a quick installation of our window film products.

Dallas Residential and Commercial Window Film Benefits

Energy Efficiency for Your Dallas Home or Business

Did you know that 30% of your energy goes right out your window? According to the Department of Energy, on average 30% of all heating and cooling costs are lost through your windows. Window film can reject at least 70% of total solar heat, lowering your energy consumption and making your Dallas home or business significantly more energy efficient. By eliminating hot/cold spots and maintaining a more consistent internal temperature, window film can optimize your building’s comfortability while drastically lowering energy costs.

Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth
Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth

UV Protection for Dallas Residence and Commercial Spaces

Overexposure to UV rays can cause significant damage to your interior furnishings, flooring, and even your skin and eye health. Window film blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, prolonging the life of your possessions while protecting occupant health. Prevents carpets and hardwood floors from fading. Eliminates discoloration of upholstery, furniture, artwork, curtains, and rugs. Prolongs product life and maintains display items in storefronts. Prevents skin and eye disease as well as premature aging

fort worth uv blocking window film
UV Damage on Fort Worth Flooring

Increase Safety in Your Dallas Home or Office

Safety and security window films can protect your Dallas home or business from natural disasters, terrorist and domestic attacks, burglaries, vandalism, and freak accidents. By strengthening the most vulnerable areas of any building, the glass windows and doors, security tint absorbs the impact energy from wind, flying debris, attacks, and shockwaves. By keeping broken glass fragments together, safety and security window film mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards, keeping the occupants and interiors safe. Since it takes significantly longer for intruders to gain access, security window tint gives you precious time to escape or hide until first responders arrive.

Decorative Window Films for Residential and Commercial Applications

Decorative window film can transform your existing space in both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’d like to add an unique, decorative element to the master shower in your Bluff View home or you’d like to create promotional ad space on the exterior of your public transit stop, decorative window film costs a fraction of custom glass replacement. With endless applications and designs, these highly customizable window films work wonderfully in any space across any industry: Hotel and retail exterior glass surfaces, Residential bathrooms, Office conference rooms and cubicles, Locker room shower stalls, Mass transit lines, Restaurant and bar entryway logos, And many more!

Dallas Custom Decorative Window Film
Custom Decorative Window Film in Fort Worth Commercial Space

Window Film Applications In Dallas

  • Window Film For Dallas Universities & Schools

    Studies show that glare through windows can be a huge distraction for students that impedes learning. Window film stops glare and helps children learn more in a glare-free environment, plus provides additional security for our society’s most vulnerable to attack–our students.

  • Window Film For Dallas Homes

    Window film is a cost-effective way for homeowners to save more than 20% on annual energy expenditures, increase their home security and/or add uniquely beautiful privacy solutions to their homes.

  • Window Film For Dallas Hotels

    When you have tens of thousands of guests passing through your Dallas hotel each year, saving money on energy is a top priority. Window film saves hotels significantly on their utility bills, while at the same time increasing guest satisfaction by reducing glare.

  • Window Film For Dallas Restaurants & Bars

    Window film will not only allow the best tables in the house to be free of glare but can also be used as a decorative element to display your Dallas restaurant’s logo, hours and specials.

  • Window Film For Dallas r Retail Storefronts

    Window film gives the protection Dallas storefronts need to keep safe from smash and grab crimes that plague this industry.  It also protects products from being destroyed due to fading or melting from the sun’s UV rays.

  • Window Film For Dallas Hospitals

    Keeping patients protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun is key to fast and successfully healing.  Window film also means an added layer of protection for Dallas hospitals against exploding glass in the event of a natural disaster or attack.

  • Window Film For Dallas Stadiums

    Venues for music shows and sporting events here in Dallas are always considered a soft targets for terrorism.  With security window film, these types of venues are able to keep fans and show-goers safe from bullets, bombs and exploding glass.

  • Window Film For Dallas Mass Transit Systems

    An obvious target for terrorism, bus stations and airports need the strength of security window film to keep travelers safe.  The anti-graffiti film also keeps the flat surfaces in these travel hub looking good and graffiti free.

  • Window Film For Dallas Jails & Prisons

    High-end security films, attachment frame systems, and adhesives are exactly what jails and prison need to prevent escapes.  It also protects prisoners and guards from the uncomfortable glare of the sun- improving morale and lowering violence.

  • Window Film For Dallas Museums

    Relics from the past are particularly vulnerable to degradation from the sun’s UV rays.  Window film stops 99.9% of the UV, UVB and UVA rays that bombard these priceless antiques through museum windows and keep them intact for generations to come.


Dallas Neighborhoods & Texas Regions We Serve

Dallas Neighborhoods

Green Light Window Films serves the entire Dallas metro area. While we will travel to any area within the relative vicinity of Dallas and the surrounding suburbs, we frequently visit Uptown, Deep Ellem, the Bishop Arts District, Oak Lawn, Lower Greenville, Preston Hollow, Greenland Hills, Knox Park, Lake Highlands, Trinity Groves, and Munger Place. Call us today to see if you live in an area we serve.

Texas Regions

Our team will happily travel to most major metro areas within the state of Texas. In addition to Dallas, we also serve the areas of Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. We have been installing window film in Texas for over a decade and are experts when it comes to selecting the right film for a location. Call our office today to find more about the products we carry.

Which Window Film Product Is Right for Your Dallas Neighborhood?

security window tint


As a growing urban community, Uptown Dallas experiences the typical challenges that come with a sudden population increase, including issues with crime. While still considered to be relatively safe, crime is something Uptown residents have to be aware of. We recommended security window film for Uptown homes and commercial properties as well as our full line of anti-graffiti window films.

decorative window tint

West End

The streets of West End Dallas are packed with a diverse array of historic commercial and residential buildings. This exciting community is full of fun activities for residents, though its dense streets can pose issues in regards to privacy. Our privacy and decorative window films are the perfect solution for helping you live and work comfortably in West End.

Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff’s sprawling parks and open landscape allow residents to enjoy plenty of natural sunlight and beautiful views. With energy efficient window tint for your Oak Cliff home or office, you can feel free to draw back the curtains and enjoy the views and the sun without worrying about making your home hot and uncomfortable. We carry several clear and tinted films that are excellent at blocking heat and improving energy efficiency.

fade prevention window tint

Swiss Avenue

As one of Dallas’ most historic neighborhoods, Swiss Avenue is full of an eclectic array of historic homes and buildings. Keeping your floors, antiques, and vintage furniture safe from the sun is important to preserving their longevity. Our uv blocking window films provide the perfect solution for keeping fade causing uv radiation out of your home, preserving its beautiful appearance.

The Ultimate Source for Leading Window Film Brands in Colorado Springs

vkool-window-film-colorado springs

V-Kool specializes in spectrally selective architectural films built for Colorado Springs residences and commercial spaces. For high energy savings, residents can utilize V-Kool for their property.

vista-window-film-colorado springs

Vista presents great window film products for homes and businesses throughout the Colorado Springs area. From home protection to business energy efficiency, Vista window films promote better living and workspaces.

huper-optik-window-film-colorado springs

Huper Optik’s window film series focuses on green solutions that help lower carbon emissions and energy costs. Huper Optik also has security film and decorative film lines from Colorado Springs properties.

3M-window-films-colorado springs

3M delivers innovative window tinting solutions that range from commercial daylight redirecting to residential safety and security. Colorado Springs properties can highly benefit from all the revolutionary window film options 3M has to provide.

madico-window-films salt lake city

Madico presents specialty architectural films for residences and office spaces throughout the Colorado Springs area. From anti-graffiti films to solar control, residents can utilize Madico window films to optimize comfort and savings.

solar-gard-window-film-colorado springs

Solar Gard delivers premium UV protection alongside solar control, perfect for Colorado Springs properties. With enhanced energy efficiency, Solar Gard is a great window film product for homes and businesses.

graffiti-shield-window-film-colorado springs

Graffiti Shield delivers specialty anti-graffiti films that can conceal vandalism, natural corrosion, and graffiti while durable enough to withstand acid and severe etching on Colorado Springs properties.

hd-clear-decorative-window-film-colorado springs

HDClear presents an abundance of decorative film options that can be utilized as visual marketing tools throughout the Colorado Springs area. HDClear also provides traditional privacy decorative film options for residential use.

cbond-glass-strengthening-fort collins

C-Bond provides advanced glass primers that we like utilize for every Colorado Springs window film project. By increasing glass strength and flexibility, C-Bond ensures improved product life and quicker adhesion.

sun-tek-window-film-colorado springs

SunTek delivers premium solar control and security films for Colorado Springs homes and businesses. Experience savings, property protection, and glare reduction with SunTek window films.

llumar-window-film-colorado springs

Llumar focuses on providing aesthetically pleasing residential and commercial window film solutions for the Colorado Springs area. Start saving on expensive energy costs, improve comfort, and much more.

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