Window Tinting in the Denver Area

The city of Denver is known for its diverse architecture. Towering skyscrapers, historic churches, and hundred year old homes can all be found throughout the Mile High City. And while these buildings may vary greatly in terms of their age and physical structure, they all have one thing in common: all Denver buildings benefit from window tinting. Window tinting offers an affordable solution to challenges presented by Denver’s constant fluctuating weather and high altitude, both of which can take a serious toll on the physical integrity of a building. Additionally, it can also be a useful way to improve the aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency of your home or commercial property. Here at GreenLight Window Films, we have a variety of window tinting options that can help Denver residents and business owners overcome daily challenges and live a healthier, more comfortable life. Whether you’re looking to increase energy efficiency in your classic Victorian home in the Witter-Cofield Historic District or heighten security in your restaurant in Five Points, GreenLight has you covered.

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Residential Window Tinting in Denver


Even though most people think that window tint is primarily used for automobiles, it’s actually a very useful product for your home. Having your windows tinted can help you dramatically reduce your home energy costs, eliminate glare, and create a more private and comfortable living space for your family. Tinting your windows can protect your furniture and flooring from the harmful UV rays that homes in high altitude places like Denver are more susceptible to experiencing. Overexposure to UV rays is also responsible for signs of premature aging as well as significant skin and eye disease.

Commercial Window Tinting in Denver


Commercial window tinting has a multitude of benefits for your Denver business or office. You can increase brand visualization or create paid advertisement space with decorative window tinting, or become LEED certified and save money on your costly energy bill with energy efficient window tints. You can even heighten security measures and protect your occupants by installing safety and security window tint. The design options and applications are endless.

Llumar UV Blocking Window Film

Due to our high elevation, Denver properties tend to suffer from UV radiation more than other cities. Overexposure to UV rays unfortunately produces fading floors, discolored furniture, shortened merchandise product life, distorted art, and much more. Not to mention the considerable health concerns, including skin and eye disease. Protecting your loved ones and property with UV blocking window film can actually prevent expensive repair and replacement costs while eliminating potential medical expenses.

Denver Residential and Commercial Window Film Benefits

Energy Efficiency for Your Denver Home or Business

Denver has some of the harshest weather extremes ranging from 100 degree dry heat to below zero blizzards. According to the Department of Energy, 30% of your heating and cooling efforts go right out the window. Installing energy efficient window tint prevents that as well as hot/cold spots, maintaining a more consistent, comfortable internal temperature for your home or business. Energy efficient window tint is great ROI and can help you drastically lower your energy costs and HVAC consumption.

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UV Protection for Denver Residences and Commercial Spaces

Window tinting can block up to 99.9% of UV rays protecting everything you care about. Harmful UV rays are responsible for the fading of hardwood floors and carpets; discoloration of upholstery, furniture, and artwork; as well as signs of premature aging and significant skin and eye disease. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of window tint in all Denver residential and commercial spaces. Protect building occupants, interior furnishings, and flooring with UV blocking window tint.

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Increase Safety in Your Denver Home or Office

Safety and security window tint can protect you and your loved ones from natural disasters, vandalism, attacks, burglaries, and freak accidents. By bonding your existing glass together in the most vulnerable parts of any Denver building, safety and security tint mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards. Protecting your home and commercial space is always a necessary security precaution.

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Decorative Window Films for Residential and Commercial Applications

Decorative window tint enables endless design, marketing, and privacy options. With decorative window tint, you can transform any existing space with HD printed graphics, etched or frosted glass, prebuilt designs, or customized logos promoting brand visualization. These highly customizable tints are applicable in both residential and commercial spaces.

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Privacy issues can be a common concern among Denver properties. Exterior window tinting offers reflective glass options that promote superior privacy. Without compromising visibility or natural sunlight transmissions, privacy window tinting is a great option for both residential and commercial properties. Exterior window tinting is available in countless aesthetic options with different hues, colors, and finishes. Enhance the exterior of your property while addressing privacy alongside UV protection, energy efficiency, and glare reduction.

The Best Window Tinting For Your Denver Neighborhood

North Parkhill

denver safety and security window film
Security Window Film

The North Parkhill neighborhood is fast becoming one of Denver’s most sought after areas and might just become the hippest neighborhoods here in no time.  While crime rates are not exceptionally high here, security window film is still a great idea for your home. Crime happens everywhere so staying prepared is a good idea no matter where you live.  Security film adds an extra layer of protection against break-ins by keeping glass in place after being struck. This works as a deterrent to burglars who usually just move to an easier target.


residential window film salt lake city
Energy Efficient Window Film

In a really progressive neighborhood like Rino, energy efficient window film is exactly the right film.  It is perfect for the many millennial residents here who firmly believe in owning homes that are less dependent on fossil fuels.  While this film is obviously great for the environment, what Rino residents really love is it saves them money. In fact, after energy efficient window film is applied homeowners typically see about a 20%-30% decrease in their annual utility cost.  No matter what neighborhood you live in–savings is always a good thing!

Governor's Park

Fade Prevention Window Film

The homes in the Governor’s Park neighborhood of Denver are gorgeous with their old towering windows.  As it were, a lot of these homes are just as lovely inside as they are on the outside but those windows, which is great for letting in natural light are really bad for expensive furnishings.  This is why solar control window film, which blocks 99.9% of damaging UV rays is perfect for these homes. It prevents fading of rugs, drapes, upholstery, wood floors and artwork so homeowners here can keep their lavish belongings protected for years to come!

South Broadway

Privacy Window Film

South Broadway is blowing up right now and what once was a sparse area, now puts neighbors about as close as they can get to one another.  So, like any big city, privacy is becoming a commodity here. So to deal with the constant influx of new homes and condos the solution to decreasing privacy is as simple as window film.  Window film works extremely well at blocking those on the outside from seeing in, while still allowing for perfect clarity from inside, so South Broadway residents can enjoy the city views they love!

Window Film Applications in Denver

Window Film Benefits for Denver Offices

Cloaking film is available for Denver collaborative workspaces and conference rooms– this innovative film only cloaks LED screens. Promote an open, welcoming feel for your office while addressing privacy concerns. Energy efficient window film provides the savings your office has been looking for– optimize employee comfort while saving considerably. Glare reduction window film promotes employee productivity and comfort while eliminating undesirable squinting and headaches.

Window Film Applications for Denver Hotels & Motels

Decorative film can really improve guest experience while making your establishment stand out. From subtle decorative designs on mirrors to beautiful full wall facades, these customizable films can transform any existing space. Security film deters break-ins and burglaries, keeping your guests and staff members safe. Energy efficient window film can help lower your Denver hotel’s running costs while improving guest experience.

Window Film Options for Denver Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

Security film has become a necessity for Denver hospitals and healthcare buildings– protect against break-ins, burglaries, attacks, natural disasters, and much more. Decorative film is great for cafeterias, kids areas, ICUs, and other areas that could use some visual morale boosting. Daylight redirecting film presents numerous benefits for hospitals and healthcare buildings– improve staff productivity, decrease patient recovery times, and lower lighting costs.

Window Tinting Options for Denver Retail Spaces & Storefronts

Decorative film can be incorporated for effective visual marketing in Denver retail spaces and storefronts. From short-term promotions to long-term brand visibility, decorative film is highly versatile and customizable. UV blocking window film provides the necessary protection from Colorado’s harsh sun. Safeguard display merchandise, store products, flooring, furniture, and employee health with UV blocking window film. Security film is important for deterring smash-and-grab burglaries while proving peace-of-mind.

Window Tinting Applications for Denver Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs

Denver restaurants, bars, and clubs can utilize privacy film to ensure their patrons feel comfortable within their establishments. Privacy film can also modernize exteriors, enhancing curb appeal. Security film can really help defend guests and employees from a plethora of threats including natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more. Decorative film is a unique way to promote specials, upcoming events, and add personality to your restaurant, bar, or club.

Window Tinting Options for Denver Arenas & Stadiums

Denver arenas and stadiums can take advantage of energy efficient window film to lower overall energy costs while guaranteeing their guests and performers are comfortable. Energy efficient film promotes high savings while eliminating hot/cold spots. Security film can protect the thousands of guests stadiums and arenas can house at any given time– be prepared for various, different threats. Decorative film provides endless opportunities when it comes to paid sponsorships, event promotions, and more.

Denver Schools & Universities Window Film Options

Daylight redirecting film has been scientifically shown to decrease absentee rates, improve student testing, and lower lighting costs. Privacy film is pertinent to keeping students and staff safe from unwanted views and assailants trying to case the campus. Security film has become a requirement for schools across the Denver area. This comprehensive solution provides invisible protection from a multitude of threats.

Denver Museums, Art Galleries, & Libraries Window Film Benefits

Denver museums, art galleries, and libraries can deter smash-and-grab robberies and break-ins with security film. Security film presents extensive protection for building occupants and valuables. Decorative film can be incorporated into art exhibits, curation methods, and more. These highly customizable films can be used both short-term and long-term. UV blocking window film can protect your property from permanent sun damage. This is vital for keeping your art, books, and investments intact.

Denver Jails & Prisons Window Tinting Benefits

Energy efficient window film delivers the savings many jails and prisons throughout the Denver area needs. Save considerably while keeping staff members comfortable. Security film is great for dual protection from both sides of the property. Protect prisoners and employees from explosions, break-ins, natural disasters, and more while deterring anyone from escaping. Daylight redirecting film also provides savings for lighting costs while boosting morale and improving staff productivity.

Denver Mass Transit Window Tinting Applications

Many rely on mass transit in the Denver area– security film protects the thousands of people who utilize public transit. Decorative window film can be used for paid sponsorships, advertising, branding, and more. These customizable films can be applied to virtually any smooth, nonporous surface. Anti-graffiti film provides budget-friendly solutions for mass transit systems that are prone to vandalism.

The Largest Selection of Window Film Brands for the Denver Area


SunTek provides advanced security and solar rejection window film for Denver homes and businesses. Achieve energy efficiency and avoid high AC costs this summer.


Vista window films deliver comprehensive protection, solar rejection, and decorative privacy options for Denver homes and businesses. Create the perfect oasis by improving property comfort.


Huper Optik window films offer high energy efficient solutions that provide significant savings alongside great aesthetics. Improve your Denver home and work comfort.


3M has a wide range of commercial and residential window film solutions engineered for Denver properties. From insulating products to custom decorative films, 3M has it all.


Madico offers unique specialty architectural films for all types of applications throughout the Denver area. From retail-grade UV protection to printable films, we carry their full selection.


Solar Gard provides effective solutions ranging from safety and security to UV protection for Denver residences and businesses. These window films optimize home and workspace.


Graffiti Shield helps Denver commercial property owners save drastically on repair and maintenance costs. Protect investments and costly surfaces with anti-graffiti film.


HDClear delivers premium decorative window films perfect for Denver businesses, retail shops, and more. Enhance your existing space with these highly customizable solutions.


C-Bond Technology enhances all window film projects throughout the Denver area by promoting optimal glass strength and flexibility. Installation and adhesion is completed quicker with this glass primer.


Llumar delivers superior window film options applicable for Denver residential and commercial properties. Optimize your property with a multitude of different benefits.


V-Kool offers spectrally selective window films that promote high energy savings for Denver homes and businesses. Experience consistent comfort all year round.

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