Window Tinting in the Fort Collins Area

In 2015, Fort Collins was named one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the United States. As the economy continues to grow and the job market flourishes, construction rates are expected to increase rapidly over the next few years. At GreenLight Window Films, we are always happy to partner with commercial property and homeowners in the Fort Collins area on new construction projects as well as building remodels and renovations. Our window films offer an incredible opportunity for families and businesses to venture into the future prepared for the many changes that are expected to happen in Fort Collins over the next several years. We carry everything from climate control window films for year round energy savings to security films for safety and protection as well as many decorative film options.

Residential Window Tinting in Fort Collins


Fort Collins lies in the Northernmost part of Colorado and is just east of the Rocky Mountains and Estes Park. Residents in the area typically experience chilling winters and warm summer temperatures, which present various challenges in terms of indoor comfort and energy costs. Our climate control and UV blocking window films are perfect for Fort Collins high altitude and dual climate environment and can save up to 30% on home energy costs. In addition to these energy saving options, we also carry a variety of decorative and security films designed for residential use as well. We’re proud to be the preferred residential window film installer in Fort Collins.

Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Collins


GreenLight Window Films is proud to be the largest commercial window tinting contractor serving the Fort Collins area of Colorado. We handle commercial projects of all sizes and work on everything from hotels, restaurants, and retail stores in Old Town Fort Collins to office buildings and schools in the outlying areas and suburbs of the city. If you own or manage a business in Fort Collins and are interested in installing security, energy saving, or decorative window film, please contact our office. We can provide you with the perfect film for your project.

Window Film Benefits For Fort Collins

Increase Safety in Your Fort Collins Home or Office

Safety and security window films provide premium security advantages for both residential and commercial properties in Fort Collins. This preventative safety solution protects against natural disasters, attacks, explosions, burglaries, and freak accidents. By bonding existing glass together after impact, security film mitigates broken glass hazards.

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Energy Efficiency for Your Fort Collins Home or Business

Energy efficient window film provides Fort Collins homeowners and business owners the opportunity to save money while improving building comfort. With energy efficient window film, you can save up to 30% on annual energy costs. By eliminating hot/cold spots and creating a consistent, comfortable internal environment, you can actually increase home comfortability, employee productivity, and tenant retention.

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Decorative Window Films for Residential and Commercial Applications

Add beautiful decorative elements to your Fort Collins home or business with decorative window film. Decorative window film is highly customizable and available in a multitude of design options, colors, and textures. Add privacy with frosted window film, create promotional ad space with HD printed film, or utilize existing space for unique designs.

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UV Protection for Fort Collins Residence and Commercial Spaces

Protect valuables and building occupants with window film’s unique UV blocking properties. Equivalent to SPF 1000, window film protects Fort Collins properties from fading floors, discolored furniture, distorted art, warped display merchandise, shortened product life, significant skin and eye concerns, and more.

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Window Film Applications For Fort Collins

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Hotels

    Each year hotels accommodate tens of thousands of guests here in lovely Fort Collins and as such saving money on one of hospitality’s biggest expenditures,  energy, is a top priority to be profitable. Window film saves hotels a huge amount of money (over 20%) on their utility bills year after year and is shown to dramatically increase guest satisfaction by reducing glare.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Homes

    Window film is a way for homeowners to save big time on annual energy expenditures and avoid a huge upfront investment like new windows in doing so.  It is also a home security method and a lovely way to add privacy to homes too.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Restaurants & Bars

    Tables by the windows in restaurants, arguably the best in the house, often go unused due to glare and heat from the sun.  However, with window film applied to the windows, solar heat transfer and glare through windows is put to an end–allowing restaurants to offer the very best experience and make more money.  Decorative film is also a fantastic decorative element to display your Fort Collins restaurant’s logo, hours and specials

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Retail Storefronts

    Storefront windows are the most vulnerable part of a retail operation and need protection from the all too common smash and grab crimes.   Window film is a strong and cost-effective way to keep goods safe and make an easy score impossible. It also protects products from being destroyed due to fading or melting from the sun’s UV rays.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Hospitals

    The harmful UV rays of the sun are bad for healing and also promote more health problems for patients in hospitals. Happily,  window film blocks the harmful rays of the sun from bother or hurting patients while still letting in natural light to foster healthy healing and good moral. It also means an added layer of protection for Fort Collins hospitals from collateral damage from exploding glass in the event of a natural disaster or attack.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Stadiums

    Stadiums, which hold a lot of people in close proximity to one another are an attractive soft target for terrorists.  Therefore, venues for music shows, festivals and sporting events must consider additional security measures, like window film,  to keep fans safe. Security film is a strong and affordable way to protect show-goers protected against bullets, bombs and even exploding glass should an attack or disaster occur.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Mass Transit Systems

    Likely some of the most sought-after targets for terrorism are bus stations and airports.  These types of structures definitely need the strength of security window film to keep travelers protected.   Also, anti-graffiti film also keeps the flat surfaces in these travel hub free of unsightly graffiti free.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Schools And Universities

    Studies show that glare through windows can be a huge distraction for students and impedes retention. Window film curbs glare from windows and even redirects it deeper into classroom helping children learn more efficiently in the process.  Plus, safety and security window film provides the much-need security for our society’s most vulnerable–our children.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Jails & Prisons

    High-end security films, attachment frame systems, and adhesives are the strong protection somewhere like a jail or correctional facility need.  Strong enough even to stop potential escapes. It also protects prisoners and guards from the uncomfortable glare of the sun thereby improving overall morale and lowering violence.

  • Window Film For Fort Collins Museums

    Objects from the past are very valuable to society but also particularly susceptible to degradation from UV rays through windows and skylights.  Window film is a great way to protect these items as it stops 99.9% of the UV, UVB and UVA rays that bombard and ruin these priceless antiques aiding in keeping them intact for generations to come.

Fort Collins Neighborhoods & Colorado Regions We Serve

Fort Collins Neighborhoods
Green Light Window Films is the leading source for professional window film installation in Northern Colorado. We serve the entire Fort Collins metro area, including the neighborhoods of Old Town, Indian Hills, Mission Hills, University Acres, South College Heights, Highlander Heights, University Acres, Parkwood, Ridgewood Hills, Rigen Farm, Poudre Overlook, and more.

Colorado Regions
Green Light Window Films is the largest and most successful window tinting company in the state of Colorado. In addition to Fort Collins, we also serve Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. From our office in Fort Collins, we will also happily make trips to Cheyenne, Loveland, and Greeley, as well as many towns in the Rocky Mountain area, including Estes Park and Glen Haven.

What Window Film Product Is Best for Your Fort Collins Neighborhood?

decorative window tint

Old Town Fort Collins

Old Town Fort Collins is a charming community home to a plethora of both historic residential and commercial spaces. Restaurants, bars, and shops make Old Town a fun, lively area for residents to enjoy as well as those traveling through to Estes Park. Our decorative window films are perfect for commercial spaces in Old Town and our clear window films are an excellent choice for retrofitting historic glass.

energy saving window filmRidgewood Hills

Ridgewood Hills is home to stunning single family homes, including both contemporary styles and the traditional ranch house architecture that is common in Northern Colorado. We recommend energy saving window film for homes located in this beautiful community to help homeowners tame the sun’s heat and reduce reflectivity to allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the Front Range.

fade prevention window tint

Old Prospect

Beautiful views of the Front Range can be seen from Old Prospect, adding to its already distinct charm and character. However, during the winter, the cold mountain wind can come whipping through this area and send a chill through your home. Our climate control window films are perfect for Old Prospect homes and businesses for attaining year round comfort and energy efficiency while also protecting against uv rays that can ruin furniture and flooring.

security window tint

University Park

Close to the Fort Collins campus for State University, the streets of University Park are lined with a diverse array of apartment complexes, condos, and townhomes as well as many vibrant business. Our security window films make it easy to update existing glass and bring your building up to code while also protecting against break-ins, accidents, and natural disasters.

A Great Range of Window Film Brands for Fort Collins

vkool-window-film fort collins

V-Kool’s window film products are a great match for Fort Collins homes and businesses. With optimal energy savings and UV protection, your property will be protected all year round.

vista-window-film-fort collins

Vista provides the ultimate relief from Colorado’s harsh sunshine– install their energy efficient window film in your Fort Collins residence or office space. With a wide range of different aesthetics, you won’t have to sacrifice curb appeal.

cbond-glass-strengthening-fort collins

C-Bond delivers commercial-grade glass primers that we like utilize in all our installations. These high-powered adhesives increase glass strength and flexibility on your Fort Collins property.

sun-tek-window-film fort collins

SunTek delivers high-grade solar control and security films that optimize any property in the Fort Collins area. Experience peace-of-mind in addition to great savings.

hd-clear-decorative-window-film fort collins

HDClear is the industry leader in decorative window film options. Improve visual marketing and home decor with their various decorative film options on your Fort Collins property.

graffiti-shield-window-film-fort collins

Graffiti Shield engineers renowned anti-graffiti films that can help any Fort Collins commercial property owner save drastically on maintenance and repair fees. Discover these durable films and how they can present your best foot forward.

3M-window-films-fort collins

3M has a wide range of commercial and residential window tinting solutions that can highly improve your Fort Collins property. From safety and security to daylight redirecting, you’ll find the right solution for your home or business.

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