Window Film in the Overland Park Area

Overland Park is a gorgeous suburb just south of Kansas City and home to some of the area’s premier golf courses like Nicklaus Golf Course or Lady Overland Golf Course. There are many things to love about this picture perfect place: its strong economy, its rich history and row upon row of amazing homes make this a great place to live and call home. The city isn’t done growing by any means and, you can clearly see the big changes all around and new people moving here to both raise their families and start companies. The landscape and the economy are emerging right now as homes and business parks are being built regularly. While life is pretty great here in Overland Park, there are issues that homeowners and commercial business owners have to cope with relating to the extreme weather patterns in Overland Park and Kansas and Missouri in general. Weather patterns like high-winds, tornados, and extreme sun exposure make owning a home or business hard to manage sometimes. As one of the area’s window film contractors we, at GreenLight, understand the issues stemming from the intense weather and can help you, your family and business, live a better, safer, more comfortable life here. While we can’t change the weather for you, we are able to give you the window film and tint tools to help stop some of the disruptions and damage to your life.

Residential Window Tinting in Overland Park

Overland Park is bursting with a homes and good people who put in the work in to make their neighborhoods and communities great. It is for this reason window tint the perfect home improvement for homeowners in the Overland Park area. Window tint has many benefits for homes, especially in Overland Park, where the sun is intensely hot and tornados are a real threat. Solar films, for example, keep the sun glare out of your home which protects your skin and your belongings like rugs, furniture, and flooring from fading when exposed to harmful UV rays. Another important benefit of window film for your Overland Park home is privacy. Window film gives you 100% clarity from the inside your home but conveniently obscures you and your belongings from those outside it–protecting you from theft.

Commercial Window Tinting in Overland Park

Overland Park is a fantastic city to own a profitable business in. What’s more, commercial ownership here is on the rise and if you own a commercial property, or are thinking about buying it, window film is something to keep in mind to help you garner more profit. Energy efficiency window tinting saves you around 20% on utility bills and keeps your HVAC systems from frequent repair/replacement. And while Overland Park is relatively safe–precautionary steps are always in order to keep your investment and your tenants safe from burglary, natural disasters, and even graffiti attacks.

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