Window Tinting in the Salt Lake City Area

Nestled within the northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley on the border of the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges, Salt Lake City sits at an altitude of 4,226 feet. That means that residents and business owners in Salt Lake are forced to face the typical challenges of living at high elevation in a mountainous environment. The constant uv exposure, severe winter storms, and high summer temperatures take a toll on the exterior of a building and lead to issues of poor insulation which results in high energy costs. At GreenLight Window Films, we have a solution for these issues and carry a wide selection of energy saving, UV blocking, and low-e window tinting options that can help make life easier and more pleasant for Salt Lake City residents. When it comes to residential and commercial window tinting, we’re Salt Lake City’s most highly regarded and trusted experts.

Residential Window Tinting in Salt Lake City

residential window tint salt lake city

GreenLight Window Films residential window tinting services can help make sure you and your family get the most out of living in Salt Lake City. We install privacy, security, and energy efficient window film in homes located all throughout the Salt Lake metro area as well as the surrounding mountain regions including Park City, Provo, and St. George. Our installers are some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the business and are fully prepared to go to work for you.

Commercial Window Tinting in Salt Lake City


From lower energy savings to better productivity and security, commercial properties in Salt Lake City can benefit from window tinting in a variety of ways. Commercial window tinting can help improve the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety of a building and also increases the amount of natural brightness. Our films are available in a variety of different options and can even be custom printed with your business logo or name to increase your brand awareness. Call our office today to start exploring commercial tinting options for your Salt Lake City office, school, church, or government building.

Llumar Window Film for Salt Lake City Properties

Salt Lake City experiences seasonal weather extremes making it difficult for residents to achieve optimal energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to lower your energy bill at home or at your business, window film offers a cost-effective alternative to window replacement. Llumar’s energy efficient window film series features different grades of solar rejection, high UV protection, and glare reduction. Improve your property’s comfort and save money with Llumar window film.

Salt Lake City Residential and Commercial Window Film Benefits

UV Protection for Salt Lake City Residence and Commercial Spaces

Many people don’t realize that UV exposure is just as serious when you’re inside as when you’re outdoors. UV radiation enters your building through your windows. If it comes into contact with your skin, eyes, or furniture, it can cause major damage. Window tint provides a solution that can help protect your Salt Lake City building and occupants from UV radiation. Window tint filters the electromagnetic spectrum, blocking out 99.9% of UV radiation and keeps occupants, interior surfaces, and upholstery safe from the sun.

fort worth uv blocking window film
UV Damage on Fort Worth Flooring

Increase Safety in Your Salt Lake City Home or Office

The world is full of hazards. There’s no telling what will happen any given day or night. When you lock up for the day or go to sleep, you need to know that your building will be safe from danger. Security window tint can help protect your building from dangerous events and situations. Window tint creates a thick impenetrable barrier that stops intruders in their tracks, and mitigates damage from accidents and unruly weather, keeping your building secure at all times.

Energy Efficiency for Your Salt Lake City Home or Business

Installing an energy saving window film is one of the most affordable ways to reduce energy consumption for your building. Window tint creates an energy efficient overlay that boosts the insulating power of your windows, trapping heat in during the winter and blocking it out during the summer. With a quick ROI of only three years or less and the potential to save up to 30% on costs, it’s a smart, cost-effective solution for poorly insulated glass.

Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth
Energy Efficient Window Film in Fort Worth

Decorative Window Films for Residential and Commercial Applications

The appearance of your home should be a reflection of your personality. The appearance of your office should be reflection of your brand. Window tint provides the perfect way to add style, privacy, and decor to any building. It can be used for conference rooms, bedroom windows, restroom areas, lobbies, and more and can be custom printed with any color, texture, or appearance you desire.

Dallas Custom Decorative Window Film
Custom Decorative Window Film in Fort Worth Commercial Space

The Best Window Tinting For Your Salt Lake City Neighborhood


denver safety and security window film
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The Sugarhouse neighborhood is steadily becoming one of Salt Lake City’s most popular areas and is on track to be the coolest neighborhoods in no time.  While crime rates are not incredibly high here, security window film is a good idea for any home. Crime happens everywhere so being prepared is a smart idea no matter where you live.  Security film is an added layer of protection against break-ins and works by keeping glass in place after it is struck. This deters would-be burglars who move on to an easier target.

The Avenues

window tint installation fort collins
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In a very progressive neighborhood like The Avenues, energy efficient window film is the home improvement of choice. It is perfect for the many millennial residents who live here and firmly believe in investing in homes that are not as dependent on fossil fuels.  While this film is obviously great for the environment, what The Avenues residents know and love about this film is–it saves them money! 20%-30% of a decrease in annual utility costs on average–a good thing no matter what neighborhood you live in.


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The homes in the Yalecrest neighborhood of Salt Lake City are amazing old and towering.  As you well imagine most of these homes are just as lovely inside as they are on the out.  However, those windows, which is great for letting in natural light, are also really bad for high-end furnishings.  This is why solar control window film, which blocks 99.9% of damaging UV rays is a great choice for homeowners in this neighborhood.  It prevents fading of rugs, drapes, upholstery, wood floors and artwork so homeowners here can keep their lavish belongings protected and looking good.

Central City

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Central City is a hot spot in Salt Lake City right now and what once was a relatively empty area ow has neighbors packed in tight.  Like any growing city, privacy is becoming a commodity here. In order to deal with a fast influx of new homes and condos, a solution to decreasing privacy is window film.  Window film for privacy works extremely well at blocking the views from the outside while still allowing for a perfectly clear view from inside, so Central City residents can enjoy the city views they love!

Window Film Applications in Salt Lake City

Window Film Applications for Salt Lake City Offices

Salt Lake City offices can utilize glare reduction film to improve workspace comfort and employee productivity. Glare reduction window film alleviates all the squinting, headaches, and discomfort caused by glare. Energy efficient window film is also a great investment that promotes workplace comfort and drastically reduces energy costs. This wonderful ROI eliminates hot/cold spots while keeping a great temperature all year round. Daylight redirecting film also promotes improved productivity alongside significant lighting savings.

Window Film Benefits for Salt Lake City Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels throughout the Salt Lake City area can take advantage of privacy window film in order to enhance guest comfort and experience. Privacy film obstructs all unwanted views from nosy neighbors or anything within street view. Energy efficient window film is always a great investment for hotel owners, helping them save dramatically on energy costs. Decorative window film presents versatile opportunities for hotel branding, enhancing guest experience, and much more.

Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

Salt Lake City hospitals and healthcare buildings can take advantage of daylight redirecting film due to its vast benefits. Daylight redirecting window film actually decreases patient healing times, improves staff productivity, and helps lower lighting costs. Energy efficient window film helps hospitals and healthcare buildings stay comfortable and save annually on energy costs. Security film is a necessary investment in order to defend patients, staff, and building guests from unknown, potential threats.

Window Tinting Applications for Salt Lake City Retail Spaces & Storefronts

Retail spaces and storefronts throughout the Salt Lake City are can incorporate security film on their property in order to deter break-ins, smash-and-grab burglaries, and more. Provide peace-of-mind for business owners even when they’re present. Decorative film can really make your retail space pop, providing an excellent visual marketing tool. These customizable films can promote regional specials, brand visibility, and much more.

Window Tinting Options for Salt Lake City Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs

Restaurants, bars, and clubs can take advantage of decorative film options to really make their establishment stand out. From showcasing specials, upcoming events, and brand promotion, Salt Lake City business owners can attract new guests and retain repeat customers. Energy efficient film really improves guest experience by eliminating hot/cold spots and maintaining consistent temperatures all year-round. Security film is always a good investment for proactively protecting patrons and employees from natural disasters, burglaries, break-ins, and more.

Window Tinting Benefits for Salt Lake City Arenas & Stadiums

Salt Lake City arenas and stadiums tend to require security film due to the amount of people they can house at once– defend guests, performers, and staff from explosions, attacks, natural disasters, and more. Ballistic resistant and bomb blast specialty security films are available as well. Decorative film is always a great investment for these property types. From exterior building wraps to custom interior event promotions, window film delivers a multitude of different opportunities.

Salt Lake City Schools & Universities Window Film Applications

Security film is required by many school districts and universities within the Salt Lake City area. Safeguard students and staff from domestic attacks, break-ins, natural disasters, and much more. Privacy film also protects building occupants so that assailants and burglars can’t see into your school or university. Daylight redirecting film has been utilized within schools to promote improved student testing, boost staff productivity, decrease absentee rates, and lower lighting costs.

Salt Lake City Museums, Art Galleries, & Libraries Window Film Benefits

Museums, art galleries, and libraries in the Salt Lake City area all require UV blocking window film in order to protect their irreplaceable valuables and investments. UV blocking window film can block out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, preventing fading, discoloration, warping, and more. Security film is always a great proactive measure to help defend against break-ins, smash-and-grab robberies, and more. Decorative film is a great way to curate art exhibits, enhance galleries, and incorporate branding within these properties.

Salt Lake City Jails & Prisons Window Film Options

Daylight redirecting film promotes improved morale among inmates, employee productivity, and lowered lighting costs in prisons and jails in the Salt Lake City area. Security film is a great investment that delivers dual-protection from the inside out. Protect prisoners and staff from natural disasters, explosions, and more while deterring escape efforts through glass windows and doors. Energy efficient window film also provides better comfort combined with extensive savings.

Salt Lake City Mass Transit Systems Window Tinting Benefits

Anti-graffiti film presents a sacrificial, durable layer that protects expensive surfaces from vandalism and graffiti. Anti-graffiti film can save Salt Lake City mass transit systems upwards of thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Decorative film can be incorporated in any smooth, nonporous surface for paid sponsorship opportunities, advertising, promoting upcoming events, and branding efforts. Mass transit systems should always have security film in order to protect the hundreds of people that rely on public transportation.

The Best Selection of Window Film Brands for Salt Lake City

vkool-window-film salt lake city

V-Kool is the industry leader in spectrally selective films that rely on advanced technology in order to offer Salt Lake City residents a high performing window film solution. With premium solar rejection and UV protection, you’ll enjoy your home or business all year round.

vista-window-film salt lake city

Vista delivers wonderful window film solutions that are specifically designed to help Salt Lake City homeowners and business owners save considerably on energy bills, defend their property, and much more. Finding the right solution has never been so easy.

solar-gard-window-film-salt lake city

Solar Gard offers exceptional window film solutions that are a great investment for any Salt Lake City residence or business. From solar control to safety and security, we ensure you’ll find the right product for your property.

sun-tek-window-film salt lake city

Suntek offers comprehensive UV protection, solar rejection, alongside safety and security films. Protect your Salt Lake City property from the elements as well as any imminent threats.

huper-optik-window-film salt lake city

Huper Optik provides sustainable products that give Salt Lake City residents boundless savings opportunities. Find a great money saving solution for your home or business.

madico-window-films salt lake city

Madico’s specialty window film solutions are designed for a multitude of different applications throughout the Salt Lake City area. Enjoy complete protection and a plethora of benefits.

llumar-window-film salt lake city

Llumar promotes wonderful window tinting solutions that can really improve any space in the Salt Lake City area. With beautiful decorative window film to high performing solar protection, you’ll find a great product for your residence or office space.

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Salt Lake City is a place full of culture, history, and art. It is also a place with above-average crime rates. Like any other city, it also has its fair share of natural disasters. A tragedy can occur at any moment. Be prepared by installing bomb blast window film to keep Salt Lake City safe.

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