Stop Graffiti on Your Kansas City Property Before it Starts

In Kansas City, graffiti is a real threat and unfortunately, that is a big reason why many commercial clients come to GreenLight Window Films. That’s right–metal and mirror restoration also falls within our window film wheelhouse. Whether it is traditional spray paint graffiti, scratch graffiti or even acid graffiti, we can help. Some of the most common areas we are called in to restore or protect are restaurants, hotels, bus stops, train stations, mall maps, and elevators but if you have a unique location we are likely able to help you too. Being proactive about graffiti is by far the best way to deal with it. So if you own a commercial property with vulnerable metal or mirror surfaces, Investing and installing metal shield on your metal surfaces is the best idea. The metal shield looks identical to the original surface and if vandalized can easily be removed and replaced for a fraction of the cost of total replacement. No matter where you need protection, our “sacrificial” surfaces are able to cover nearly any part of your property.

Anti-Graffiti Products Installed by GreenLight Window Films

Glass Shield: Applying Glass Shield to your windows, is the small bit of prevention you need to save yourself from the big cost of replacement. This invisible, coating protects windows from spray paint, scratch and even acid graffiti.

Metal Shield: Repairing damage to metal surfaces is nearly impossible without the altering the look of the surface. Even if you get the graffiti off, it often times looks refinished or repaired. Metal Shield is an anti-graffiti film which, when applied to the metal surfaces before they are marked, protects your metal surface from harm. It is available in many different finishes like Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum.

Mirror Shield: Vandals, it seems, are always on the lookout for new surfaces to mark. One of the most popular new targets, as it were, is mirrors. The big problem with that is–once a mirror is defaced, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. However, with the installation of Mirror Shield ahead of time, you can prevent the permanent effects of graffiti on mirrors–at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Custom Shield: There are as many surfaces to deface as there are vandals. As it stands, would be defacers are always on the lookout for new vulnerable areas. If you are commercial building owner and in some cases, even a homeowner, stay ahead of the vandals with custom shield on your unique, exposed areas. A custom shield will solve a variety of problems at a fraction of the cost of full replacement of your selected surface.

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