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How Long Will Window Film Last?

How Long Will Window Film Last?

One of the most common questions we get here at Greenlight (and understandably so) is how long will my window film last. Like any home or business improvement project, those who have window film installed want to know the potential ROI. Knowing how long the improvement product, in this case, window film, will last is an important part of this calculus. However, exactly how long your particular window film will last is a broad question and largely depends on several variables. While we can’t give you an exact number, we can educate you on the variables involved. We can also inform you on how you can make the best decision based on the 5 critical variables as listed below. For the most part, how long a window film will last depends on the choices you make from the start. Meaning, educating yourself on the subject of window films and tints is integral to your success. But, as you will find, we here at Greenlight Window Films are a wellspring of knowledge when it comes to window film for your Kansas City home or business. Review some of the variables that will affect the life of your window film below but remember–we are always here to help and answer questions.

5 Factors That Determine How Long Window Film Will Last

How Long Your Window Films Lasts Depends On What Brand of Window Film You Choose: There are many window films to choose from–as evident by our deep catalog of offerings here at Greenlight. Not only are there films to solve any number of problems as they relate to your window–but some films are better suited for residential–others for commercial. There are even different films that solve the same problem using different mechanisms. For instance, if you are looking for solar control for your Kansas City home–you will likely have to choose between metallic films that reflect heat or ceramic films that absorb heat. As it were, there are good reasons for either so the deciding factor should always quality. This goes to the heart of it. It doesn’t really matter which film you choose if it is not good quality. Quality films are more advanced in their function but also proven to last longer. Films and tints from premium brands like 3M, Vista, Llumar, Enerlogic, Hanitas, Solar Gard and the like are as durable and effective as they come. Plus, many of these brands offer a competitive warranty–potentially extending the use of your film. Talking with a professional, like us here at Greenlight, is a great way to get feel for which high-end brand may be right for your Kansas City home or commercial space.

How Long Your Window Films Lasts Depends On Who You Have Install It: Just like which brand you choose is critical for the extended life of your window film, so too is who you have install it. There are a lot of window film companies out there, many of which work from their cars or vans. While they may do a fair job installing the film, the fact of the matter is–a large reputable company is a better bet. Why? Because the barrier to entry to installing window film is rather low. Just because somebody can install window film doesn’t mean they should. We fix shawdy window film installation jobs all the time, so we know that what these “budget” window film installers don’t tell you is–their work is not covered by warranty. This means, unlike us, they rarely cover their own work. But more importantly–their work is not covered by the brand they are installing. You see, warranties from window film companies cover only professional installation with contractors, like us, that they have relationships with. This is to protect themselves from covering sub-par work from low-end contractors. So, when choosing a window film installation contractor, be sure to choose an established company with proven and strong industry ties.

How Long Your Window Films Lasts Depends On The Weather Conditions Where You Live: The fact of the matter is, you cannot control where your house is located. So this particular on the life of your window film is out of your sphere of influence. However, it is important for you to know that window film in hotter climates will not last as long. Also, high-altitude or extreme sun zones are hard on the life window film too. You will find that film on the windows on the east and west side of your structure will age faster–because they get som much sun. Now, this should not deter you from having window film installed because if anything it speaks to the fact that this is where you most need protection. In other words, it makes sense to purchase window film in hotter, sunnier climates because, ultimately, you’re getting way more ROI from it, in these locations.

How Long Your Window Films Lasts Depends On THe Cleaning and Maintenance: Even the best window film will have issues if not properly cared for. Happily, there is manufacturer guidance on this and truly, window film is fairly low maintenance. However, be sure to heed the care instructions and when cleaning avoid the common cleaning mistakes below:

  1. Using any harsh chemicals–especially those with ammonia
  2. Using abrasives like scouring pads or scrub brushes
  3. Using a lot of pressure/scrubbing when cleaning
  4. Drying the glass with newspaper, a squeegee or terrycloth towels
  5. Using high or harsh pressure water from a how or power washer to clean windows

For the very longest life of your window film, avoid cleaning them for 30 days after the film is installed. When you do finally clean them the general rule is to only use mild dish soap and water and to wipe them with a microfiber cloth to clean/dry.

What Type Of Warranty Your Window Film Carries: The final factor in how long the window film will last on your Kansas City commercial or residential property is the warranty. As mentioned, premium brands almost always have a longer or better warranty– some even carry limited lifetime warranties. To sort through these various warranties, you simply need to consult a professional like us here at Greenlight Window Films. However, a good thing to note is–residential and commercial warranties differ.

  1. Residential Window Film Warranties: You can usually expect some type of lifetime warranty on residential windows for standard to premium solar films but this also depends on the installation company. Also, the type of window you are covering may affect the warranty–single-pane vs. dual-pane. For other types of films like graffiti films, security films, and decorative films the warranty will likely vary. But any good brand will offer some type of defect warranty.
  2. Commercial Window Film Warranties: Since commercial windows rack up more wear and tear than residential, most of the time a commercial warranty is less than life time. About 10-15 years is a standard range for high-quality commercial window films.

For more information on any window film on the market and to find out which premium brands we carry here at Greenlight Window Films, contact us today. We will be happy to come to your Kansas City or surrounding area location to assess your windows, talk over our brands and give you a clear idea of pricing.


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