No matter the season, save energy and protect your furniture from fading.

Keep money in your pocket, go green, protect against uv rays, and create a more comfortable space with solar control window film from Green Light! Green Light Window Films is proud to be the leading source for residential and commercial window films across the major metro regions of Missouri, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. We carry a huge selection of window films for solar heat reduction, uv protection, glare reduction, and year round climate control. Our solar control window films have the incredible ability to boost the insulating power of ordinary single and double pane windows reduce energy waste. They’re perfect for owners of schools, office buildings, hotels, residential properties, and anyone else looking for a cost efficient way to save money!

Solar Control Films for Residential Properties

solar control film residential

HVAC operations count for as much as 30% of energy costs for the average U.S. home. Most of the time the heat or air conditioning produced by HVAC equipment is lost due to lack of insulation. Solar control window film can help make your home more energy efficient and save money. Solar control window film creates a energy efficient barrier for your windows that controls heat, allowing only certain frequencies of light to pass through your windows. It saves money, blocks out uv rays, and makes your home look beautiful!

Solar Control Films for Commercial Properties

Climate control is a difficult thing to accomplish for most commercial businesses, although an important one. A more comfortable indoor climate creates happier customers and employees and improves office productivity. Solar control window film can turn your office into a more comfortable, energy efficient space. Solar control window film reduces energy costs by up to 30% annually, improves employee focus and productivity, and eliminates harsh glare on computer screens. With an average ROI of three years or less, it’s a smart investment for commercial properties of all types.

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films

Minimize damaging ultraviolet light, heat, glare and high energy costs with solar control window films. Here are just a few benefits.

  • Energy Cost Savings

    Solar control window films reduce heat loss through windows by improving glass-insulating performance as much as 92 percent. When it heats up outside, solar control window films reduce cooling costs by rejecting up to 89 percent of the sun’s heat.

  • Heat and Glare Block

    Solar control window films improve temperature imbalances, while improving comfort and deflecting harsh, uncomfortable glare.

  • Fade Reduction

    Solar control window films filter out more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays that cause fading to fabrics and furnishings.

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