Green Light Window Films offers solid protection for commercial and public buildings.

With all that you’ve got on your plate, protecting your tenants, occupants and interior assets shouldn’t be a constant worry. As for those things you can’t control, like natural disasters, theft and vandalism, our security window films play an integral role in serving as a first line of defense by providing a barrier that holds glass in place upon impact.

Security window films also control and reduce the safety issues and costly damage associated with broken glass. Keep in mind when an unprotected window shatters, it can send harmful shards of glass flying – causing serious injuries, while leaving your building and its assets exposed to the elements.

Our security window films help hold window glass in place even upon forceful impact. But that’s not all. The layer of protection it provides can deter and/or delay theft attempts, and ultimately stop or reduce security threats.

Security window film provides excellent protection for commercial buildings and schools too. In schools, security window film can help students and staff safe while also lowering energy costs.

GreenLight Window Films will provide a tailored estimate at your request, with no obligation to purchase.  

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