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Why You Should Consider Climate Control Window Tinting for Your Colorado Springs Office

Why You Should Consider Climate Control Window Tinting for Your Colorado Springs Office

With the possibility of snow next week, it’s clear that winter is well on its way for Colorado Springs. And as temperatures dip down lower, the utility bill for your office goes higher. After all, what else are you supposed to do besides turn up the heat; you can’t let your employees freeze! But what if there was another way to keep your Colorado Springs office more comfortable this winter? Well, you’re in luck because there is! Thanks to climate control window tinting.

About Climate Control Window Tinting

What is climate control window tinting you may ask? Well climate control window tinting actually works exactly the way it sounds it would. It’s basically a window tinting product that’s designed to stabilize indoor temperatures for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

With the window film in place, your office building will stay more comfortable during the winter. Climate control tint keeps heat in place and prevents it from leaving through your office windows. Radiant heat is bounced off of the film and directed back inward towards the room, improving the efficiency of your hvac system.

And it’s pretty simple to install too. Climate control tinting can be installed by any window tinting contractor. It goes directly on your existing windows which means it doesn’t require any expensive renovations or structural changes. It costs only a fraction of the price as triple and double pane windows and it’s equally just as effective!

Studies show that building owners who install climate control window tinting save up to 30% annually on energy expenses. Over the lifetime of a business, these savings can total thousands of dollars, money that would have otherwise just gone out the window.

Install Window Tinting for Your Colorado Springs Office

Start getting your office ready for winter today! Call Green Light Window Films, the premier window tinting contractor in the Colorado Springs metro area to have climate control window film installed for your office or commercial building.

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