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How Ft Collins Schools Can Benefit from Climate Control Window Tinting

How Ft Collins Schools Can Benefit from Climate Control Window Tinting

In 2017, Colorado schools faced a large budget cut that heavily impacted schools in major metro areas, including those in Denver, Ft Collins, and Colorado Springs. While school administrators have found ways to deal with the cuts from this year, it appears that the worst is still yet to come. According to the Denver Post, 2018 will see a $170 million budget cut in the state. And schools right now are left clamoring for the funds. While those of us at Green Light Window Film don’t have an immediate solution to this issue, we do have an idea that may help schools in colder Colorado climates this year: window tinting. Schools in Fort Collins and other areas along the Front Range may be able to save money on winter energy costs with a window film installation.

How Window Tinting Helps Cut Down on Winter Energy Costs for Schools

Energy expenses are normal to keep schools operating. Most schools require heavy usage of lighting and electronics which makes them huge consumers of energy. But in areas that experience difficult winter weather like Northern Colorado, these costs may be higher than the norm. It’s estimated that US schools spend over $6 billion annually on energy costs alone. And that number requires taking those with hefty winter expenses into consideration.

Studies indicate that some schools may be spending an unnecessary amount of money on energy costs. Winter temperatures in Fort Collins reach well below freezing numbers, with an average of 21 days that never rise above freezing. And in order to maintain, schools have to spend a large amount of money on artificial heating.

But is the expense really necessary? Well, case studies on climate control window tinting would suggest otherwise. Climate control window tinting has been shown to save up to 30% on energy costs annually, a potentially major benefactor for schools, especially those in the Ft Collins area. And it also reduces glare and discomfort, two factors that greatly contribute to student performance. Just imagine how much schools could benefit from such a simple, low cost solution!

Ft Collins Source for School Window Tinting

Find out today how your Ft Collins school can benefit from window tinting. Call Green Light Window Films, the premier window tinting contractor in the Ft Collins area to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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